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Secret Santa: House M.D. Style
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Welcome to the first annual Secret Santa challenge, House M.D. style! The timeline is as follows:

November 15th: Sign-ups end.
November 20th: Assignments are distributed.
December 20th: Stories are due.
December 25th: Stories are posted.
December 31st: Authors are revealed.

Want to play? Just fill out the form and get your santa hats on, your candy canes revved and ready yourself for snark!

E-mail Address:
Pairing Requested: (Please specify two pairings)
Three things you would like to see:
Three things you'd rather not see:
Pairings You Won't Write:
Would you write a back-up fic?

Additional rules:

If you are unable to finish your story and you know you will be unable to, please e-mail me asap at AndreaLyn333@yahoo.com so I can get the back-ups in place.

Since this is a Christmas present, let's try and make it a substantial one. Stories must be more than 1000 words. That's not long. That's two pages. If you have to throw in haiku's to pad the thing, go for it, but just remember that do unto others thingie.


3_ships: For when two people just aren't enough for your holiday cheer.